These Special Bedtime Stories Will Help Your Child To Fall Asleep
-Easy As Anything!

But that’s not all!

The stories fill your Child’s mind with positive thoughts that radiate well-being, harmony and happiness
- not just in their upbringing but on into their adult lives.

 My daughter is calmed by the stories and the bedtime routine has gotten easier for her. 

Maiken Runge
-Preschool teacher and mother of 2

Hubert’s 12 Journeys

Bedtime Stories 4 Kids | 5-12 years old

Teach your child to calm down in both body and mind

Help your child to fall asleep - as easy as anything

Give you quiet evenings, where you can find your own peace

But that’s not all!

The stories contain messages that fill the child’s mind with positive thoughts so the child gains strength and courage to go through life with shining eyes and belief in themselves.

Your child will think positive thoughts about themselves!

Which is the foundation for a good life and the BEST ability your child can develop.

Your child will imagine to be in possession of characteristics like Gratitude, Courage or Optimism.

And through repetition, it becomes a part of your child’s personality.

Your child gets an inner experience of how it feels to be in possession of positive characteristics.

An experience like this is better than 100 explanations from us grownups.

As your child learns to calm down and fall asleep, the Stories strengthen your child’s Positive Characteristics!

Inner Peace

You will experience the restless child who can’t sit still, start to find balance, and become more patient and concentrated on schoolwork.


The sad and nervous child will start to value themselves and dare to make suggestions and share their ideas without fearing the opinion of others.

Ability to be a Good Friend

The shy, lonely child who stands alone on the playground will start to make contact with other children without fear of rejection, and be part of the group.

In Hubert’s 12 Journeys your child will meet a boy named Hubert who teaches your child to have an attitude that weakens negative thoughts and strengthens positive ones.

Here’s what parents and kids are saying about Hubert’s 12 Journeys

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    “I was so happy that I fell asleep.”

    6 years old

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    “They make me happy - do you have more of them, daddy?”

    11 years old

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    “My son goes to sleep faster and is happy when he falls asleep to a story.”

    Preschool teacher and mother of 2

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    “It’s nice to be able to fall asleep to Jon’s training if you’ve had a bad day. It calms you and you fall asleep more easily.”

    10 years old

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    “My body is still filled with pink bubbles (the morning after hearing the story, ed.)”

    10 years old

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    “I think it’s really good, because he tells a lot about feelings and how a good day can be. His voice is really relaxing. There’s super good music in the background. I feel more comfortable when I hear it. It makes me think of my friends”

    11 years old

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    “Absolutely fantastic product - one of the best take-aways is to know that we are the masters of our thoughts and attitudes, and that is really a gift to learn so early”

    Mother of 3

Hubert’s 12 Journeys contain:

12 Stories 4 Kids

There are two endings for each story - one for bedtime, and one to hear during the day.

Email feedback

You can ask specific questions and get personal guidance via email.


A closed Facebook group where you can chat directly with Elsebeth and Jon, along with other parents.

Send your child on a journey with Hubert now

- and let your child fall asleep to stories that fill your Child’s mind with positive thoughts that radiate well-being, harmony and happiness!

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